Invitation to the libertarian socialist summer camp 2015

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Dear comrades!

We invite you to participate in active, useful and pleasant pastime at the summer camp, which is organized by a number of ukrainian libertarian initiatives.

The camp’s aim is gathering of anarchists, their families, friends, sympathizers, newcomers and veterans of the movement to improve the theoretical knowledge, take part in sports training, acquire new info and skills, exchange experiences and ideas, develop an interorganizational communications. We look forward to seeing all those who support the idea of building a society based on mutual aid and voluntary cooperation, with the exception of all forms of inequality and oppression; those people who are ready to fight for the scrapping of racial, religious, national, gender, sexual stereotypes and overcoming all forms of discrimination.

The camp will include both educational and intense sports part (introduction to the activities on request). We set a goal to generalize the knowledge and practice of the various spheres together and to outline the development of the libertarian movement. Also, we will be very glad to receive your proposals for lectures, organizing discussions, workshops. If you feel the potential for conducting interesting events in chosen format, please contact the organizer.

Location and time: our ‘autonomic town’ will be placed at the one of picturesque places of Ukraine (the exactly place will be announced to each participant personally later for safety reasons) and exist from 17 to 23 August. If you want to help the organizers to set up the camp, or just have a desire to escape from the city, we will meet you at our location on 15, 16 of August.

Accommodation: it will be a camping, so it’s desirable to have a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. The lack of this equipment will be resolved situationally.

Meals: will be offered 3 options of menu (vegan, vegetarian, with meat). Money for food of the whole stay will be collected before the starting of camp.

Camp organizers will do their best to create the secure area of cohabitation, so it’s necessary to fill in a registration form (until August 10) for participation.

The location of the camp and instructions will be sent to you after reviewing your application.